Replication : PKIX path building failed: peer not authenticated

 SSL handshake error while replication 

While configuring the SSL between author and publish servers, for a secured data flow you want to make the replication calls also over HTTPS. 

Assumption - 

    Author and publish servers will have working SSL and sling security check should be pass. 

Error - 

 Replication test failed
PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target
Error while sending request: peer not authenticated

Cause - 

This issue comes as replication agents try to find the certificates with exact name. and it ignores the wild card certificates. 

Solution  - 

  1. Login to AEM , open replication agent which has the error.
  2. Edit the replication agent
  3. Go to transport 
  4. Make ssl to Relaxed


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