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How to configure s3 in AEM ?

How to Configure S3 in AEM  Configuring s3 data stores in AEM 6 In Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), binary data can be stored independently from the content nodes. The binary data is stored in a data store, whereas content nodes are stored in a node store. Both data stores and node stores can be configured using OSGi configuration. Each OSGi configuration is referenced using a persistent identifier (PID). In this article we learn the detailed steps for configuration S3 data store in AEM.  You can get the architectural level understand of S3 with AEM from article -   Amazon S3 Data Store AEM can be configured to store data in Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3). It uses the org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.plugins.blob.datastore.S3DataStore.config PID for configuration.   In order to enable the S3 data store functionality, a feature pack containing the S3 Datastore Connector needs to be downloaded and installed.  Go to the Adob