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Managing AEM Repository Size Growth ?

 Managing AEM Repository Size Growth Managing your AEM repository size growth can be challenging for numerous reasons. What’s more, it may suddenly start to grow unexpectedly and fill up space in the assigned drive of your AEM application. In this post, I want to share a few AEM utilities & methods which can help you to not only manage the AEM repository size but also help to improve the AEM application performance. 1: Tar Compaction (also known as Revision Cleanup) By running the regular tar compaction, you can not only control the AEM repository size growth, but it will also help improve the AEM application performance. Tar compaction reclaims the disk space by removing the obsolete/redundant data from your AEM application. You can use both online and offline compaction. You can schedule online Tar compaction during weekdays after business hours & offline compaction on weekends (Non-business hours or during your designated Maintenance Window). 2: Garbage Collection By running

How to WhiteList IP through AEM Dispatcher ?

The dispatcher is used as a load balancing/caching tool by AEM. It can also be used to block anyone from accessing your AEM author instance. This is to ensure that no one outside the client’s network can access it. AEM Author and publisher should never be exposed directly. In most cases, clients may also require a block to be put on AEM pub dispatchers before going live. This is to ensure that no one can see the site except for the client so performance, penetration, and UAT testing can be performed before going live. In this article, we will see, 5 easy steps to enable IP whitelisting in Apache so only the allowed list of IPs have access to AEM through the dispatcher. 1) In Apache to enable whitelisting, the Require directive is used which is provided by the mod_authz_host module. Make sure that you have the module enabled first in  /dispatcher/src/ LoadModule authz_host_module modules/ 2) In the ams default variable file /dispatcher/src/c