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Pre warming AWS Load balancer

AWS: Pre-Warming the Load Balancer How to Resolve Load balancer request over flow for a sudden traffic spike ?  Load balancer is giving 504 error ? Load balancer is giving target connection  error ? If you are facing such issues ,  please read this article to get the solution.  Do you expect a spike in traffic? Let’s say your stakeholders expect a ramp of 20000 users in the first minutes of your website. How do you handle a scenario where you expect tens of thousands of users in the first minutes since the launch of your website? This is a great example of handling fault tolerance in AWS. If one wants to achieve fault tolerance in AWS, there a few options to do that: Use a Load Balancer – no matter how much the traffic increases, if you place your instances behind a Load Balancer it is always a great idea because the traffic is balanced across all the healthy instances. Use an Auto Scaling Group – Load balancer can scale up/down with as many instances as you want, this is a really po