Dispatcher flush from AEM UI

How to Delete Dispatcher cache without logging into the Dispatcher servers?

Our Authoring team faces day to day challenges while deleting/flush the dispatcher cache. when the changes are not visible on server.

They have to be depended on the IT operations/Dev ops teams to do the same. Which some time get very much time consuming for a small work. 

In this article we will see it can be configure and used by Author UI itself. 

This will allow  AEM authors (or “super authors”) to flush parts of the dispatcher cache manually without the involvement of IT Operations.

How to Use

1. Log in to AEM Author

2. Download the ACS commons tool from ACS Commons Official page

3. Install the downloaded package via aem package manager.  

4. Make sure you create the dispatcher flush agents on Author for all Dispatchers. from http://<<host:port>>/miscadmin#/etc/replication/agents.author, check the NOTE's part at the end of page.

5. Navigate to Tools

6. Under the acs-commmons/dispatcher-flush folder, create a new Page of Template type “Dispatcher Flush” From the left rail.

7. Give the page a logical naming (“Brand X Site” or “Brand Y Site”)

8. Open the newly created page and edit the component.

9. Add all the paths you would like to flush for the particular site.

10. Select the “flush type”

        Invalidate Cache :    touches .stat files invalidating the cache.

        Delete Cache :         deletes the files from Dispatcher.

11. Verify that all the expected Dispatcher Flush Agents are listed below the configuration under Active Dispatcher Flush agents. Agents which you created under Steps 4. 

12. Press the “Flush Paths” button.

  • If the “Flush Paths” button does not appear something is wrong with the configuration or no Flush Agents are available.
  • Resource-Only flush agents are NOT supported.

13. The page will refresh indicating the successful status of your Flush request.

14. If there are problems, review the Dispatcher Flush Agent Logs.

Note: This requires Dispatcher Flush Replication Agents to be setup on Author. If your Dispatcher Flush agents reside on Publish, you will need to setup a parallel set on AEM Author with the setting of “Ignore Default”

In case of any issue , please very the dispatcher flush agents with your publish dispatcher flush agents configuration & check the extended tab for all headers. 

Ref : https://adobe-consulting-services.github.io/acs-aem-commons/features/dispatcher-flush-ui/index.html

acs commons download : https://github.com/Adobe-Consulting-Services/acs-aem-commons/releases


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